Durga Puja Gifts Worldwide

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Durga Puja is celebrated grandly all over India. Durga is known to be a very powerful and beautiful warrior. The history of the celebration starts with an asura called Mahisasura who through great penance and seriousness was offered a boon from Lord Brahma which said that no man or God would ever be able to kill him. Once his boon was granted, Mahisasura was tyrannical in his reign and even usurped the throne of heaven. The Gods created Durga, who was born from fire and she was given a trident by Shiva, ten arms from Vishnu and many other divine weapons. Durga then went into battle and faced Mahisasura and his army. She eventually vanquished Mahisasura with the trident that was given to her by Shiva. The Gods returned to their heavenly abode and there was peace on earth. From that day on, Goddess Durga has been worshipped by everyone. It is a common Indian custom to partake in gifting sweets to friends and family. Here are a few options that you can choose from.

Durga Puja Sweets Gifts

Laddoo's are delectable sweets that are made from flour and sugar and other ingredients depending upon the recipe. The word laddoo comes from the work 'ladduka' or 'lattika' in Sanskrit meaning a small ball. Laddoo is a sweet dish that is prepared for festive occasions and is also given as 'prasad' at many temples. This is a great gift to give for a festival like Durga Puja.

These pretzel shaped desserts are a delectable traditional sweet made in India. Jalebis are known as the 'Celebration Sweet of India' and what better way to celebrate Durga Puja than with this mouth-watering treat!

Soan Papdi
'Soan Papdi' is a very popular sweet in India. They are cubes which are crispy and flaky and are a favorite of many. The main ingredients that go into making this dish include, sugar, ghee, flour, milk and cardamom. As a popular sweetmeat, 'soan papdis' are a great gifting idea.

Pedas are thick semi-soft pieces of sweets and traditionally made of 'khoa'. Popular flavorings for pedas are saffron, pistachios, almonds and even cardamom seeds. One of the most popular forms of peda is the 'Darwad Peda'.