Durga Puja Gifts Worldwide

Elegant puja thalis are one of the most exquisite gift options during the festival of Durga Puja. Read on and come across some of the best puja thali gift ideas.

Durga Puja Thali

Durga Puja or 'Durgotsava' is one of the most prominent Hindu festivals and is celebrated in various parts of the country with great vigor and fanfare. Like all other festivals, Durga Puja has also been associated with mythological folklore. It is believed that the dwellers of the earth and heavens were tormented by a demon called 'Mahisasura'. He was so powerful that even the Gods trembled in his presence. Out of earnest prayers, Maa Durga rose from the fire to vanquish the demon 'Mahisasura'. An embodiment of 'Shakti' and valor, Maa Durga attacked the demon and an intense mle ensued and the demon was eventually killed by the Goddess. Since then, Durga Puja has been celebrated to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. The tradition of gift-giving has always been associated with this festival. In order to conduct Durga Puja, the puja thalis are absolutely essential. Therefore, sending exquisite thalis to your loved ones during Durga Puja this year is certainly a great idea. Scroll down and explore the options you have in this regard.

Durga Puja Thali Gift Ideas

Silver Thalis
'Silver' is commonly used in puja practices all over India as it is considered auspicious. Gift your loved ones silver thalis from our online store during Durga Puja this year and confer all your love and hearty wishes. These thalis also come in a package which includes items like 'diyas', 'sinhasans' and silver coins. What can be a better gift for your loved ones performing Durga Puja this year?

Gold Plated Durga Puja Thalis
Gold plated Durga Puja thali is one more fabulous option. These thalis are extremely popular and are used extensively during pujas and other festivals. Dazzling and unique, these thalis also come with accessories such as gold plated 'kalash', coins and 'agarbattis'.

Brass Thalis
You can also gift brass thalis to your loved ones to convey your best wishes during Durga Puja. These elegant thalis are also available with other accessories. What's even better is that these thalis are available at unbelievably cheap rates. Buy now and send brass thalis to your loved ones during this Durga Puja and add sparkle to their festivities.

Designer Thalis
Glowing Durga Puja thalis, the ones engraved with 'Swastika' symbol and the ones laden with 'diyas' are some of the best options in this genre. These marvelous pieces are sure to augment the festive quotient this season. These are also available with a list of accessories. So what are you waiting for? Send designer Durga Puja thalis to your family this year and express your love and best wishes.