Durga Puja Gifts Worldwide

Thinking about sending some personal care gifts to your loved ones during this Durga Puja? Here are some amazing personal care gift ideas.

Personal Care Gifts

Durga Puja is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. Like almost all other festivals in India, Durga puja is also a celebration of victory of good over bad. It is believed that the Goddess Durga was made from Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva to kill the hefty demon Mahisasura. Though, there are regional variations in rituals and celebrations, the spirit and joyfulness of this festival remains the same. So, on this wonderful festival, make your loved ones happy by sending gifts online. Online gifting is now cheaper than the traditional courier services. It is hassle-free too. What gifts to choose? Confused? Don't worry! Relax and have a look at the range of personal care products we have for you!

Personal Care Gift Ideas For Durga Puja

Personal Care Hamper
You care for the person you love. Don't you? Then why not send her/him online a wonderful personal care hamper to let that person know how much concerned you are about her/him? Yes, we have marvelous personal care gift baskets so that you can get complete beauty care products in one pack, that too for amazingly cheaper rates. Have a look at what all we have for you.

Makeup Palette
Nothing can be more exciting gift for a woman, than a make-up palette. You get lip and eye colors and brushes along with this pack. Attractively packed these hampers contain makeup removers and cotton pads as well. See the packs for more details.

Complete Makeup Kit
This would be the most pampering gift for your loved ones. Opt for a kit containing foundations, compact powder, eye make-up like mascara and eye liner, lip make-up like lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss, rouge, etc. Get this gift hamper for cheaper rates on this Durga puja.

Pedicure/Manicure Set
You may also choose for pedicure/ manicure set as well. Such sets consists of complete foot/hand care products including scrub, moisturizers etc.

Hair Care Range
Think about hair care range as well. You may opt for a hamper containing shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, detangling products etc. So, now it is easier for you to decide what to gift on this Durga Puja. Isn't it?

Herbal Skincare Hamper
Most of the beauty products contain chemicals; some people with sensitive and even normal skin are often allergic to them. Why take a chance? Opt for a complete herbal skincare hamper which contains skincare products containing herbal ingredients which are not harmful for your skin.