Durga Puja Gifts Worldwide

Send god idols on Durga Puja to your friend and family members and express your best wishes. Here are some interesting gifting ideas for you!

God Idols

Durga maa is the divine warrior figure, who was born to destroy the demon, Mahisasura, who ruled with cruelty and dethroned even the Indra himself. 'Maa Durga' is the embodiment of feminine power and is referred to as the eternal 'Shakti'. 'Durga Maa' is often portrayed as a warrior with a radiant smile, several arms and mounted on a lion. She vanquishes all evil, and showers prosperity, wealth and peace upon her devotees. 'Devi Durga' is invincible and her great power is feared even by the Gods. The festival of Durga puja has been celebrated all around India since ages to honor the goddess who killed Mahisasura and restored peace on both heaven and earth. Gift-giving is also a popular tradition associated with the festival of Durga Puja. What else can be a better gift than some exquisite god idols during the auspicious occasion? Scroll down for some amazing ideas in this regard.

God Idol Gifts for Durga Puja

Goddess Durga Idol
What else can be a better gifting option than an exquisite Durga idol for your loved ones during the festival? Maa Durga showers wealth and prosperity upon her devotees. Thus, by sending a Durga idol you can certainly make the festival memorable for your loved ones.

Lord Shiva Idol
Lord Shiva is the most powerful Hindu god from whose fire Goddess Durga was born. Lord Shiva is worshipped by the Hindus with great devotion as he protects everyone from all evil and showers prosperity and success upon his devotees. Pick an elegant Shiva idol and send it to your loved ones and shower all your love and care during this Durga puja.

Lord Ganesh Idols
The Hindus worship Lord Ganesh, also known as Ganapathi or Vinayaka, with great devotion. Portrayed as the one having an elephant's head, the deity is worshipped to remove all obstacles from one's life. It is believed that worshiping Lord Ganesh before commencing anything, be it a business, travel or even education, will make ones path smooth and free from obstacles. Send Ganesh idol to your loved ones this Durga Puja and express your hearty wishes

Lord Krishna Idols
Lord Krishna is revered as the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. According to the legend Lord Krishna held Mount Govardhan on his little finger to offer refuge to the villagers from the torrential rain and consequent flood, which resulted from the wrath of Lord Indra. Sending an idol of Lord Krishna to your family this year during the occasion of Durga Puja is a wonderful gifting idea.