Durga Puja Gifts Worldwide

This Durga Puja, send flowers to your friends and family in India and abroad. Read on for some amazing Durga puja flower gift options.


Durga Puja is a time of feasting, celebrations and gift-giving. This festival has been celebrated all over India since time immemorial. In different states, this festival is celebrated in different ways. In West Bengal, Durga Puja is five whole days of celebrations. Mahalaya is the day is when the Goddess Durga killed Mahisasura, the evil demon who reigned with cruelty and tyranny over heaven and earth. This Puja is also known as 'Akal Bodhon', meaning untimely invocation. It is so called because Lord Rama, performed this Puja even though the time was not right, as he was just about to set out for battle with Ravana. In Maharashtra, there is a Puja every day and flower garlands that adorn the idol are not taken off until all the nine days of the Puja have been completed. It is a colorful and brilliant festival that it dedicated to Goddess Durga and it is synonymous with good vanquishing evil. Flowers bring freshness, feelings and beauty to the joyous festival of Durga Puja. This year, add to the freshness of the celebrations by sending beautiful bouquets and baskets of the choicest flowers to your loved ones.

Flowers for Durga Puja

Roses come in various colors and are symbols of love and beauty. Each color of a rose has a different meaning. Red is symbolic of love and yellow is for friendship. White roses stand for purity and spiritual love. A great way to express your love would be to send roses to your family this year for Durga Puja.

Dahlias are symbolic of elegance and dignity. These flowers are beautiful and look lovely in any living space. Add a dash of color to the festivities by sending your family a bouquet of these lovely flowers.

Gerberas symbolize innocence and purity. These flowers come in various hues and add vibrancy to the festive atmosphere. Sending these flowers either as a single flower bouquet or as a bouquet with these along with other stunning flowers is a great gifting idea.

Bird Of Paradise
These gorgeous flowers come in a spectacular hue of orange with hints of purple and green. These flowers are majestic and are symbolic of joy and as the name states. It is a unique flower and definitely makes a fantastic gift during the festival of Durga puja.