Durga Puja Gifts Worldwide

Durga Puja cards will enhance the festive mood during the festival. Read on to get an idea beforesending Durga Puja greeting cards to your dear ones.

Durga Puja Cards

One of the most awaited festivals, Durga Puja is celebrated with immense zeal and enthusiasm. It is an ideal way to send an e-card to express your wishes and emotions on this auspicious day. Though, most people prefer e-cards considering its flexibility, but they are not the only option. There are other ample options which include physical cards, photo greeting cards and personalized cards. Consider sending a card which has your signature or your personalized message. There is no reason why your relatives wouldn't love these cards as they certainlyare the best bet during the festival.Durga Puja cards are available for all the nine days of the festival including Mahalaya, Sashthi, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Dashami or Vijayadashami.Effective and amazing, these cards are best way to convey your wishes. There are plenty of stores as well as websites which help you send greeting cards and e-cards. Read further to know more about DurgaPuja cards.

Durga Puja Card Ideas

}Don't want to queue up in stores to buy a Durga Puja card? Then, try an e-card or an electronic card for Durga Puja which can be sent through electronic means. Ample of options are available in this regard such as simple e-card where a message and an image appears or an animated one which has plenty of surprises in store. There are flash based cards which can be sent through e-mail. There are also services exclusively to help you send greetings through mobile phones.

Physical Cards
You hardly have dearth of options while searching for a standard greeting card for Durga Puja. Generally rectangular in shape, these cards come with a picture in the front, mostly of Durga Maaand a pre-printed message exclusively for the occasion inside the card. A black space is also available to enable the sender to write a handwritten message or a signature for the Durga Puja. You will also get an envelope to put the card.Try tying the card with a ribbon or a decorative item related to DurgaPuja. There is no reason why your relatives and friends won't like it. In physical cards, there are 3D musical cards which play songs or Bhajans when they are opened. There are also normal cards which come with a pop-up effect. Once it is opened, a picture pops up,to a great surprise of the reader.

Photo Greeting Cards
Imagine sending a photo greeting card in which the photo of Durga Maa is printed accompanied by a message. There would be art works on the cards which will certainlymesmerise your dear ones. These photo printed cards can be made at home. You can cut out an image of Durga Maafromnews papers and magazines. Convert them into beautiful greeting cards and send them across to your near and dear ones.

Personalised Cards
It is always great if you can provide a personalized touch to the Durga Puja greeting card. There are websites which enable the customers to personalise the cards which can be printed and then sent as greetings.

Cards signify your love and affection towards the recipient.Hope this article familiarises you with various types of greetings cards which you can send during Durga Puja to your friends and family members.